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STO Property Maintenance Group offer Property Maintenance Services to not only corporate and commercial clients, but also to residential clients carrying out small projects and everyday maintenance around the home. We service Byron Bay to Toowoomba, The Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between (Gold Coast, Brisbane).

Through 20 years of trusted experience and our commitment to staying updated on our industry’s standards we believe STO Property Maintenance Group can guarantee you quality, reliability, peace of mind, integrity and professionalism whilst attending to your Property Maintenance needs.

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  • A well finished job requires attention

    A well finished job requires attention. We can ensure your maintenance job is going to be completed with the best standard possible. Great Quality is just another one of STO Property Maintenance Groups every day, every job standards.

  • Exterior, Interior, Feature

    Exterior, Interior, Feature. No matter how big or small we can handle your painting needs.

  • Need an Electrician

    Need an Electrician for your electrical and lighting needs? For peace of mind, we only use trained and qualified electricians

  • Need a Concreter?

    Need a Concreter? STO Property Maintenance Group have expertise in ALL concrete cutting, drilling & sawing jobs for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Byron Bay

  • We’ve got you covered

    We’ve got you covered. We use trusted suppliers such a Reece, Australia’s leading supplier of plumbing and bathroom products for all our Plumbing jobs.

  • Plumber

    Need a Plumber? Over time small problems like a leaking tap sure do add up, especially when that water bill arrives. Don’t let these minor jobs affect your water usage or your pocket. “Just Make The Call”

Featured Services

Concreting & Tiling
When you need a Concreting or Tiling job done in Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or anywhere in between, STO Property Maintenance Group...

Plumbing & Gas Works
If STO Property Maintenance Group were to have a specialty it would be Plumbing & Gas Works....

Electrical & Lighting
Need an Electrician? When you need a relabel qualified Election for your job STO Property Maintenance Group are only a call away....

Roofing & Fencing
Tired of gutters that overflow every time it rains? Why not prevent these things from happening by enlisting one of our Roofing services....

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