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Water Saving Devices to Reduce Your Water Usage

November 1, 2011 – 10:37 am

By the rate things are going, it won’t be long before we’re all going to be fighting for water, and we know how hard things are going to be then. Fortunately, as early as now, we already have a way on how control our water habits through the help of certain devices.

Dual-flash Toilets

The concept of dual flash toilets is fairly new. It may also seem weird. However, once you understand the principle behind it, you’re going to appreciate it and wish you can have it on your bathroom too. The toilet, as its name suggests, has two sets of flush, dispensing different amounts of water. You press the small button if you only have liquid waste such as urine and the big one for solid wastes such as fecal matter. This doesn’t mean you no longer consume water for the commode. However, the amount of water you use is commensurate to the waste material.

Low-flow Showerhead

We all love the effects of shower, especially if they’re gushing very fast. They seem to be working on all our pressure points, somehow massaging us in the process. But a lot of water is being wasted too. A number of experts have already recommended the use of the low-flow showerhead. It still gives off a strong current, but you reduce your water consumption to half or even more.

Drip Stop

A leaky tap drains not just water but also money. You need to fix it right away. Now one of the common causes is the rubber washer, which gets worn out as you close and open the faucet. The drip stop is your permanent solution.

To implement these water saving devices into your Gold Coast home or office, please call and arrange a free quote with a qualified Gold Coast plumber from STO Property Maintenance Group today.

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