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Property Maintenance Services

Here at STO Property Maintenance Group we believe with our wide range of specialty maintenance areas we’ve got all your property maintenance needs covered! We have qualified experts and are fully licensed in the following fields:

Plumbing Electrical Handyman & Maintenance
Tiling Fencing Signage Installs & Maintenance
Lighting Gas Works Project Management
Painting Roofing Playground Maintenance
Upholstery Concreting Flagpoles Maintenance


For more information on our Property Maintenance Services simply refer to the service categories on the left hand side of the page. Once you see the service category that best suits your maintenance requirements, click it for more information.

Still have a question? Give us a call 1300 183 796 or an e-mail us so we can give you the correct answers and get that job done.

Featured Services

Concreting & Tiling
When you need a Concreting or Tiling job done in Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or anywhere in between, STO Property Maintenance Group...

Plumbing & Gas Works
If STO Property Maintenance Group were to have a specialty it would be Plumbing & Gas Works....

Electrical & Lighting
Need an Electrician? When you need a relabel qualified Election for your job STO Property Maintenance Group are only a call away....

Roofing & Fencing
Tired of gutters that overflow every time it rains? Why not prevent these things from happening by enlisting one of our Roofing services....

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