Need a fencing job? Contact STO Property Maintenance Group.

December 6, 2018
Photo of a hand of a man using a nail gun to fix a roof

Would you like to have the following?

  • Privacy
  • Enhancement in your yard, patio, or garden
  • Proper boundaries
  • Better protection against thieves and trespassers

Then there’s only one thing you need: A fence.

A lot of homeowners choose to DIY fence. Building one of those can sound simple, but there are far too many things to consider, besides the fence or design. At some point, you’ll surely believe that it’s more useful if you depend on an expert.

STO Property Maintenance Group is the premier specialist in the industry here in Australia. They specialise in almost anything related to your homes, including fences. They can;

  • help create the most functional and aesthetically appealing fence
  • customise your fence to truly fit your preference, need, and budget
  • repair worn-out fences and may automate gates
  • provide the best suggestions on how to take care of your fence so they definitely last for years

Being in the business for over 5 years, STO Property Maintenance Group has achieved a considerable amount of experience, knowledge, and expertise, allowing them to perform and finish any Gold Coast fencing job as soon as possible. They are also affiliates to several organizations and suppliers. They can definitely help you obtain the best service at the most affordable cost.

STO Property Maintenance Group currently operates in and around the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and as far north as Tugun. You can contact their 24-hour customer support at 07 5568 7664 or send your e-mail at They can conduct a free on-site assessment.